Important Note:

Take no direct action to recover a supected stolen vehicle other than calling #911.
Any further action may put your safety at risk.

No, StolenCar is not operated by the police. However, StolenCar works with law enforcement agencies and other organizations to fight auto-theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau encourages the efforts of StolenCar and other companies whose mission is to have a positive impact on vehicle theft.

You are not obligated to tell the police who you are when you provide a tip about a stolen vehicle. Instead of supplying your actual name you may choose to supply the police with your StolenCar Tipper ID. However, if you want to become eligible for rewards from StolenCar, you will need to identify yourself to StolenCar when you provide a tip to police. This information may be subpeonaed by law enforcement or a lawyer.

Yes, you can record your tip at the StolenCar website. For reward eligibility record your tips at StolenCar after you have reported the information to #911 or to the police.

If you wish to make a completely anonymous tip, you should call #911 from a payphone and withhold your name. By providing anonymous tips, you will still help the fight against auto-theft, but you forfeit the reward opportunity from StolenCar. Also, to remain anonymous, do not record your tip on the StolenCar website.

During the registration process, you have the opportunity to sign up for StolenCar "Alerts" (information about reported stolen vehicles) for your area. These "Alerts" can be sent to you via email and/or wireless device. You can receive "Alerts" for multiple areas, and you can add additional "Alerts" schedules by modifying your preferences.

You can select to receive alerts from StolenCar daily, weekly, or in real time.

There is no fee to be a StolenCar Tipper. In fact, if you provide a tip that leads to the recovery of a stolen vehicle you may become eligible for cash and non-cash rewards.

If you qualify for a reward, StolenCar can issue a check directly to you, or send a reward to you via PayPal. You can sign up for free PayPal account by clicking here: (PayPal). Rewards are usually distributed between 60 to 120 days after the vehicle is recovered.

You can contact us by sending an e-mail to "Info" at, or by using our online Contact form. (See bottom of page.)

If your local law enforcement agency is not participating in the StolenCar program send an e-mail to "Info" at with the name of your city, and any contact information that you can provide regarding your local law enforcement.