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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR20071314755

Make Scion

Model tC

Year 2006

Exterior Color Grey

Interior Color Grey

Type 2-Door

License State North Carolina

License Plate # FJY8202

VIN # 95069

Last Seen

Date 7/10/2020

Street 600 new commerce boulevard

City, State Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Zip Code 18706


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Owner’s Comment(s)

7/13/2020 9:56:54 PM
Suspect drove off with my vehicle upon being dropped off at my workplace of Chewy fulfillment.. the suspect and I agreed that he was going to drive the vehicle back to Berwick where Pennsylvania where he will take part in the new hire orientation at Weis before returning to Wilkes-Barre to pick me up at chewy at 6:30.. the suspect failed to show up... The vehicle has not been seen since although the suspect is at Large as he was cited a couple of times throughout berwick.